Huang Xiangchun
Updated: 2016-09-13




Huang Xiangchun, Ph.D.


Tel: 13806018969

E-mail: hisanth2006@163.com




1991, B.His., Xiamen University;

1996, M.Law., Xiamen University;

2005, Ph.D., Xiamen University.


Professional Experience

1991-1993, Researcher at Ganzhou Museum, Jiangxi Province;

1996-present, Lecturer and Associate Professor at Xiamen University;

2006-2012, Deputy Director of Museum of Anthropology, Xiamen University.

2012.3-9, Visiting Scholar at The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Research Area

Historical Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Anthropologyof Religion, Ethnohistory and Ethnicity, Traditional Chinese Societies and Cultures,Historical Ethnography of Rural Communities, Oral Traditions and Local Documents.



Courses Taught

Chinese Ethnohistory,

Anthropologyof Religion,

Cultural Anthropology,

Traditional Chinese Societies and Cultures,

Studies on Chinese Rural Communities.


Selected Publications

1. Folklore and the Anthropological Turn of History, Folklore Studies, 2002(1).

2. Group Discourse and Ritual Tradition in Local Society: An Analysis of the Cult of the Minister of Water in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, Journal of History and Anthropology 3, no.1 (2005)

3. Local History, Local Literati and Local Knowledge: a Case from Min Du Bie Ji, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities, 2006(4).

4. Tang-Bu and Zhu-Niang: Ethnic Relationship in the Social Life of Fuzhou, Folklore Studies, 2006(3).

5. Culture, History and State: An Interview with Professor Zheng Zhenman, Reviews on Chinese Social History, (2007).

6. Century Review on the Studies of Dan people and Chinese Ethnohistory, Guangxi Ethnic Studies, 2008(4).

7. Fluid Boundary of She/Han Ethnicity and Reconstruction of Historical Memory: A Case Study of the Narrative of Manliao(The Barbarians)- She, Academic Monthly, Vol.41 No.6(2009).

8. The Floating Otherand The “Sense of History in Sinological Anthropology,Academic Monthly, Vol.45 No.1(2013).

9. 歷史•他者•漢學人類學(日文),《人類學と「歷史」》,社会科学文献出版社,201412月。

10. Demons and Devils: Revolutionary Discourse and Local Tradition of Fuzhou City in 1950s. Open Times, 2015(2).

11. Science Community or Paradigm: The Study of South China in My View, Open Times, 2016(4).

12. Going Beyond Pariah Status: the Boat Population of Fuzhou in the Chinese People’s Republic, in The Fisher Folk of Late Imperial and Modern China, Xi He and David Faure edt., p181-204, Routledge Press, 2015.