Requirements for the Degrees of MA and PhD Students Enrolled in Graduate Programmes in the College of Humanities, Xiamen University
Updated: 2017-01-04


Date: April 1, 2015


The Graduate Committee of the College of Humanities sets forth new policies and regulations on degree requirements. These include:


  1. Journal Publication Requirements for PhD Graduation

   a).PhD students would be required to publish academic journal papers by graduation for the award of the PhD degree. Manuscripts should be published in journals indexed in Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), or international citation indexes (e.g., SSCI and A&HCI). PhD students would be required to have either ONE manuscript accepted for publication in the “first category of CSSCI”journals (ylei hexin qikan) or THREE manuscripts in the “second category of CSSCI” journals (erlei hexin qikan).

   b).The minimum length of accepted manuscriptsis no less than 3,000 words. The author(s) affiliations and address of correspondence should be“Xiamen University.”

   c).International PhD students are required to publish at least ONE manuscript similar withthe “second category of CSSCI” journals (erlei hexin qikan).

  2.MA Degree Requirements

   a).The MA degree is awarded after the successful completion of the thesis, and the examiners pass the thesis.

   b).In principle, master’s students are NOT required to have journal publication for graduation but they are strongly encouraged to do so to prepare for further studies, and advanced research skills.

   3.The new requirements stated above apply to the students who have enrolled in the graduate programmes since the 2014 academic year. For further details and specific requirements, students should consult “The Regulations on Journal Publication Requirements for MA and PhD Graduation” (xiadayan [2014]31hao) (in Chinese), and the CHINESE version of this note.