Lecture: The Transnational Turn in Film Studies Border-crossing Effects
Updated: 2016-09-27


Professor Tim Bergfelder

Dr. Ruby Cheung


Professor Tim Bergfelder


Dr. Ruby Cheung

Time: on Tuesday, 18:40 a.m. - 21:00 a.m.

         27th, Sept., 2016  

Place: Room 320, College of Humanities

Lecturer Information:  

Professor Tim Bergfelder is Professor of Film at the University of Southampton.His research interests include the history of European film industries, in particular the area of multinational co-productions and their relationship to Hollywood.

Dr.  Ruby Cheung is a lecturer in Film at the University of Southampton. My research interests include East Asian cinemas, in particular all kinds of Chinese-language cinemas.

Main Content:

The theme of this lecture is The Transnational Turn in Film Studies Border-crossing Effects: Contemporary East Asian Film Business Networks.