Lecture: Humanities for Scientists
Updated: 2017-07-18


Lecturer: Ashley Kennedy

Time: 9:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.

         on Sat., 17th, Oct, 2015.

Place: Room101, College of Humanities

Lecturer information:
Dr. Ashley Kennedy, holds degrees in astrophysics, humanities and philosophy, and is assistant professor of clinical biomedical science in the medical college and assistant professor of philosophy in the honors college of Florida Atlantic University. Her research focuses on diagnostic and clinical reasoning.

Main Content:

In this lecture, Dr. Ashley Kennedy will first discuss her educational background and its relation to her research and teaching work in the Honors College and Medical College at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Kennedy will also discuss the role of humanities in medical and science education. Finally, Dr. Kennedy will talk about her understanding of an honors program and the benefits of studying in an honors program.